Guerillasound is the umbrella identity of music projects led by Nick Kašal.
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The Guerillasound trio (as heard on the album):
Guerillasound are a trio of omnivorous genre modernists mixing jazz with rock, funk and whatever else they can deconstruct and then rebuild in the classic context of piano, double bass and drums. This makes every performance eclectic, as inspiration takes them from contemporary rock tunes to fragile acoustic ballads, from hard swinging bebop to biting funk backbeats.

Featuring Nick Kašal on double bass, Dave Ohm on drums and Grant Windsor on piano and rhodes, the members of Guerillasound created a trio that emphasises the art of the group. They love clean and acoustic but aren't afraid to be dirty and electric.  They like emotion, but directed with intelligence.

Or, to put it another, simpler way:

Hip, melodic, groove orientated jazz blended with the deconstructed semiotics of rock, funk and other, more obscure styles...

Nick Kacal
the double bassist
Dave Ohm
the drummer
Grant Windsor
the pianist

Other musicians who have played as part of Guerillasound are Gunter Kuermayr, Tom Cawley, Zoe Rahman, Mike Outram, Neil Angilley, Simon Lea, Sean Hargreaves, Jerome Davies, Gary Husband, Ben Reynolds, Chris Nickols and Jim Mullen.

Guerillasound is sometimes hired as a unit to back other artists; past clients have been including Eliza Lumley, Jasmine Nelson, Caroline Loftus